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Any business and any organization needs away to run it or to make a success or flourish it there is need of money and it should be accounted timely. If any organization started with less money or insufficient money, later on it faces a lot of budgetary problems, without money its progress is hundred and same times, situation arises to put it off. So, it is must, while planning to run any organization, money should should be managed sufficiently and ways should be planned perfectly for the availability of money should be planned and accounted. There may be this and that way to manage money. It should be managed through healthy means. It is easy to manage money gather then to expense it. Very intelligent persons pieces of advices are included , meetings should be held and views and advices are to be sought and eyes should be kept on market. Demands should be analysed and looking into the pros and cars. Money should be explored and it should be accounted from beginning to end. To make a successful organization , it's money should not go waste at any level. Quotations should be invited from the market . Quality should be judged and money should be expended by the trustworthy persons for the interest of the organization.


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