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Requirement division is responsible to recruit the man are requiting the man power should be knowledgeable persons and should be in know how in human capability. There are same way sean be adopted for the recruitment of man power. Such as written exams , interview, expensive of individual , physical health, personality (internal and external) all these should made as the structure to employ the man power. After requirement, training should be imported and guidelines should be issued and recheck back of their assigned by any talented persons. Man is born to work provided efficient management, right behaviour, reasonable pay and allownced are confirmed. The leader of the employed man power ought be an efficient . He should be a man of tough menial and tender heart. Such sort of leaders are accepted and an efficient leader can extract and develop the quality in working man power through their work . It is only the work done by the employs gaurnt the progress of the employs. If the organization is able to safe guard the career of the employs then in return arong man power honesty sender its services for the benefits of the organization.


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